bruce is a one of a kind talent in the the world: a theologian of significant note who has published books and numerous articles on topics related to the Christian bible; while at the same time writing and recording fun loving, heartfelt country songs for release on country radio. 

Bruce's music can be heard on over 70 stations across the country of canada, including CBC Radio, and across the world on Sirius xm satellite radio. He has released two singles to radio, both of which have reached top 10 on yangaroo DMDS countdowns for their respectively release dates. Bruce typically plays over 70 shows per year, to audiences ranging from Nashville Tennessee to Arviat nunavut.

bruce has recently completed his phd dissertation (wycliffe college, university of toronto) so be sure to look out for that new title when it arrives from Fortress Academic press. the title will be "Christianity appears first as itself: Alain Badiou and the study of christian origins." The book will be released in the fall of 2021. 

finally, bruce has been in the studio over the pandemic and will be releasing a new ep called "Hot and ready," with the lead track heading to radio in the spring of 2021. Look out for the title track, it will be called "the ice is breaking up, and so should we." Fun!!

Best wishes for now, stay safe! 

bruce, january 2021